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car locksmith

When getting your car keys repaired, replaced, or recovered as quickly as possible is urgent, then call Coded Car Keys Ltd. We offer an emergency car locksmith service in the Liverpool area and beyond.


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No car keys? 
Don't panic!

Are your keys lost? Stolen? Keep calm and call Coded Car Keys Ltd – our friendly, helpful, and professional team will be with you as quickly as possible, wherever you are, and whatever the time. We’ll make sure you can access your vehicle again, getting you back on the road promptly. We’re quick, efficient, and reliable, and we have a great reputation that backs that up – you can check out our reviews on Google to see for yourself!

We can help

Whether you need us to replace a lost or stolen key, issue a duplicate so you have a spare, or extract a broken key from the ignition, we’re here to help.

Man holding a broken car key in his hand, standing next to his car

We can handle broken keys

If your key has broken, our team will take care of it for you. We’ll repair the damaged key if that’s both possible and the most cost-effective course of action or replace it where that’s the most suitable way to proceed. Either way, we’ll ensure that you have a working key in your hand promptly! If the key has broken in the lock or ignition, we can extract the broken key, and repair any damage that it may have caused to the vehicle.

Vehicle locksmith handing a customer a replacement car key

Spares and replacements

If you’ve ever lost your car key, then you already know how useful it is to have a spare! If you’ve never been that unfortunate, then why not give our team a call and request a duplicate key now? Having one ready makes life much simpler if your key ever gets lost or broken! We can duplicate your car key, including programming the remote, making sure that you have the spare or replacement key you need. Get in touch to find out more.

An emergency car locksmith that can be with you anywhere in the Liverpool area, and at any time of the day or night? That’s us! Contact the team at Coded Car Keys Ltd for a fast and reliable response.

07951 045929

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