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ECU reprogramming isn’t just about enhancing performance, it can also be important for ensuring your immobiliser recognises new keys. Coded Car Keys Ltd in Liverpool can get the job done, fast.


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What is ECU reprogramming?

In many modern vehicles, the immobiliser is tied into the ECU, meaning that a duplicate or replacement key must be recognised by the ECU in order for it to function correctly and disable the immobiliser when used. This can be a notoriously expensive job when you go through a main dealer for your vehicle! Fortunately, however, that’s no longer necessary – the team at Coded Car Keys Ltd can carry out ECU reprogramming at a competitive price.

Saving you money

Coded Car Keys Ltd carries the latest diagnostic equipment, allowing cars to work again with original locks and/or keys without going to the manufacturer, saving more than £600 on some cars!

The right tools for the job

Reprogramming an ECU is not a job that can be done at home! It requires state-of-the-art equipment and a lot of technical knowledge and experience. Fortunately, our team has both of those covered. We have the right tools to quickly, efficiently, and effectively reprogram your vehicle’s ECU to recognise and accept your new key. After all, it’s our job to make sure that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible!

The right results

When you have a lost, stolen, or broken key, or simply need a duplicate as a spare, Coded Car Keys Ltd can help. We can reprogram or virginise your ECU, ensuring that your new keys work perfectly. We’ll also make sure that any missing keys are removed from the system for security. We have an excellent reputation for being fast and reliable, and we want you to see for yourself how we earned that reputation. If you need a duplicate key, get in touch.

When lost or stolen keys are causing a headache, contact the team at Coded Car Keys Ltd. We serve Liverpool, Warrington, Cheshire, St Helens, Merseyside, Southport, Bootle, Knowsley, Runcorn, Wigan, and beyond.

07951 045929

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